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                 My business name is Antony Newnes Notary Public of Hartfield 1 Maesydre Road Wrexham LL12 7AS.


Service:The service I provide is that of a Notary Public. A Notary Public is a highly specialised independent lawyer who deals with the verification,authentication, recording and witnessing of deeds,documents and facts for cross border transactions, performing a vital function in international trade and business.

The status of a Notary Public is recognised worldwide. Often documents which are to be sent to foreign jurisdictions will only be accepted if they bear the signature and seal of a Notary Public.

I carry out all permitted notarial activities for private individuals and commercial organisations including, where appropriate and if required, arranging legalisation of documents and sending them to their final destination.

I have been providing this service since 1987 and am likely to be familiar with your requirements and able to assist in achieving your aims in a cost effective and efficient way.


I am also a Commissioner for Oaths for documents for England and Wales.


I can be contacted by telephone on 07870 914684 or 01978 363749 and by e-mailing  antony.newnes@talktalk.net or antony.newnes@outlook.com I will always call you back or reply to your email.


Appointments I can offer you an appointment usually within 24 hours of you contacting me including evenings and weekends to suit you. Most of my clients come to see me but I can see you at your home or place of business however additional costs may be incurred.


Before seeing me it is advisable we discuss in advance your requirements. I may suggest a course of action to ensure the process is successful and acceptable to the receiving party abroad.

It is always helpful if you can email copies of the documents to me in advance.  

I will  give you an estimate of the likely costs involved and whether other procedures such as legalisation, also referred to as obtaining an Apostille, is required. If more than one person needs to sign it is desirable and more cost effective if all involved can attend together.


Fees: My fees for acting as a Notary Public are based on my hourly rate of £175 subject to a minimum fee of £80 plus any disbursements ie payments made by me on your behalf. I am not registered for VAT purposes. I will usually agree my fee and the cost of disbursements with you in advance but reserve the right to vary my fee if the matter is more complex or there are more documents than originally advised by you. Please refer to my Terms of Business on the About page for details.


My fee for acting as a Commissioner for Oaths for documents used in England and Wales will be the statutory fee of £5 per document plus £2 per exhibit plus my fee for the time spent dealing with the transaction based on my hourly rate.


Timescale:The service I provide will usually be completed on the day of your appointment or where I am instructed to arrange legalisation of your documents or to instruct agents to arrange legalisation, within 24 hours of receipt of your instructions.



  What you need for your appointment


1.The documents which require my seal and signature. Do not sign or have your document witnessed beforehand as this must be done in my presence.


2.The instructions the lawyer who prepared the document for you has given you.


3.Proof of your identity. It is very important that you bring with you your passport or driving licence with photo card or other goverrnment issued identity document. In addition, I require proof of your address, for example, bank statements, council tax or utilty bills issued in your name. I will keep a copy of your identity documents.


4. For corporate clients, evidence of due incorporation of the company is required, for example, the Certificate of Incorporation. In addition, evidence that you are authorised by the company to act on its behalf must be produced along with one of the identification documents referred to above.


5. A translation of the document. Both you and I must understand the document you are signing.


If you are unable to attend your appointment or wish to cancel, please let me know in advance.






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Tel: 07870 914684

Email antony.newnes@talktalk.net